Emergency Grease and Oil Collection


  • Same Day Emergency Pick Up Service
  • Even If You Are Not A Customer Call and We’ll Take Care of You!
  • Need Extra Storage Containers? Give Us a Call.
  • We Can Help With Spills and Accidents

ClearEcos has quick responding emergency grease and oil pick up even if you aren’t a current client. Just give us a call and we’ll get one of our trucks out to your location to pick up your used fryer grease, customer of ours or not. Try that with your current grease collection company and see what happens.

We can often get there the same day you call and take care of your issue.

If you are already a customer of ours or become a new client of ClearEcos, you’ll never need this service because you will never have a grease or oil collection emergency with our prompt and regular pick up.

But we know that accidents happen too so if you have any type of issue, we’ll get out as fast as possible to solve it before it becomes a problem.