How often will you pick up my oil?
As often as you need us to, but the average pickup cycle is every four weeks. We will never leave you with full or overflowing containers

Is there an additional service fee if I fill my container/s before my scheduled pick-up?
No way!

I am not a customer of clearecos but need prompt help with a grease issue…can you help me?
Yes, of course we will. Just give us a call and we can often be out the same day to help.

Do you collect/accept used motor oil?

Do you collect grease trap grease?
No, but we can refer you to the best provider in your area.

Do you have grease collection service throughout all of Colorado?
We have pickup routes in almost every part of the state.

What do you use my oil for?
Unlike many of the fryer oil collectors in the Front Range; 100% of what we collect goes into biodiesel production, most of which is used here, in OUR STATE.